Nor’eena Swifthistle

Nori is a Rabbit Rider (one of the three Elven tribes), and her status as a hot headed, out-going, boisterous elf causes her to stand out amongst her brothers and sisters. At an average height for a Rabbit Rider, Nor’eena is the epitome of “the best things come in small packages”. She’s a bit over the top, but that’s in part due to her fiery nature.

That aside, she takes her job extremely seriously, and not just because the Rabbit Riders protect the borders of the Elven homeland, Silverdale, but because her reputation rides on it. With her trusty Rabbit, Gustav, they traverse the thick foliage and underbrush that inhabits the forest floors beneath the behemoth trees and their canopies.


Melodwyn Rosepyre

Melodwyn, or Melody, is the other half of our duo. A Stag Sister hailing from one of the other Elven tribes, they’re not known for getting along with the Rabbit Riders. Most Stag Sisters carry about them a egotistical air, and if approached, will ignore or even demean the person in question. Melodwyn, on the other hand, is one of the rare few who prefers pacifism and being kind. Many of her Sisters joke that maybe she was meant to be a Rabbit Rider all along, but she maintains her love of the earth and her signature flower, the rose. Being a Stag Sister, there are some important attributes to her. First is that her skin is a dark pink, and like all Stag Sisters, her hair is a lighter shade of this. Doe-like spots adorn her shoulders and run down her back. Her antlers are large and majestic, and larger than most Stag Sisters, which also brings her some ridicule from those she calls “family” amongst their tribe. She is often shown the same hostile attitude as outsiders from her Sisters.